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Cloud for simulation models

Share and exchange simulation models while keeping full control of usage and distribution.

At simercator, we believe that simulation engineers should use their passion and knowledge to develop great technology. They should not have to spend time on chasing parameters in datasheets.

We believe that providing ready-to-use simulation models will speed up simulation engineering just like sharing code sped up software engineering.

This is why we develop a cloud software that enables tech companies — from mechatronics to chemistry and energy — to share simulation models without giving them away.

Share simulation models as a service, not as files

"Simulation models are so hard to get!"

The simulation engineer's daily plight: How to get parameters or simulation models for supplied parts? Modeling an electric motor for a multibody simulation? Simple, if you can find the motor parameters. Aging of a battery? A nightmare if the manufacturer does not share his simulation models. Which today requires a legal agreement.

Why can't engineers simply share their models and still keep control over them?

Technology: Simulation digital twin streaming

simercator's technology enables you to exchange simulation models not as files, but as a service: Original models stay protected in a simercator cloud instance. Users can evaluate models directly in the browser or import them as doppelgaengers into their own simulation tool. With you in full on control over usage, results and distribution.

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Make interactive web apps, not datasheets

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"Parameters from datasheets? This is ancient!"

Manufacturers still communicate parameters and characteristic curves for materials or machines with datasheets. Which is great for marketing. But if your users are engineers or data scientists who need to get the data into their own tools: Not ideal.

Why not having something interactive?

Auto-generated web apps

With simercator, you can easily turn data or models into interactive web apps. No web programming needed. Just a single Python file from which you make a non-intrusive call to your data or model. You define inputs and choose from pre-defined output visualizations. Model tracing, usage analytics and access control included.

Automate simulations for colleagues or customers

"Can you run this simulation for me real quick?"

If you are a simulation engineer or a scientist, you definitely know these casual and rather frequent requests from colleagues and customers.

Wouldn't it be great if your colleagues and customers could perform predefined simulation tasks themselves? Without you having to organize and operate your own web service?

Multiply the expert

Just like with data or models for interactive datasheets, simercator lets you turn repetitive simulation tasks into reusable web apps. You can even trace simulation requests for model debugging and analysis. Less load on experts, more insights.

Your benefits from simercator

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Save costs and engineering time

Instead of ever individual and time-consuming negotiations simercator gives OEMs and suppliers the technical means to share simulation models.

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Mitigate engineer shortage

Making simulation models available as ready-to-use models with simple inputs gives the few simulation engineers and scientists more productive time to develop great technology.

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Better simulations faster

Sharing validated models makes simulation for engineers both faster and have higher quality. It also helps the model creator to develop better models thanks simercator's simulation data analysis.

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